More about Peter van der Meijden

Peter van der Meijden (Amsterdam 1969) is a Dutch art historian, researcher, writer and teacher. He lives and works in Copenhagen, but with a Dutch, English and Danish academic background he is internationally oriented. Peter van der Meijden currently works as an associate lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, where he teaches Museology.

Peter van der Meijden is specialised in modern and contemporary art, museology and cultural heritage and has a special interest in the 1960s and 1970s (Fluxus, Happenings, Performance Art, Mail Art, Pop Art, Conceptual Art). His research revolves around performance and performativity, archives, museums, cultural heritage, the thinking of Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derrida, event theory and presence. Peter van der Meijden wrote his Ph.D. thesis on Fluxus in North-West Europe and has (co-)curated various exhibitions, most recently "Kunstbiblioteket præsenterer..." ("The Art Library Presents...") at the Danish National Gallery (17 August-31 December 2017).

Among Peter van der Meijden's recent publications are: "Message in a Bottle to Systembolaget" (in: Perspective, August 2017,, "Fluxus Art Amusement and the Museum of Gags" (in: Nordic Journal of Museology, no. 2017-1, pp. 90-105), "Disappearance and Appearances" : Psi in Holland" (in: Yoshiko Shimada, Yugyong Yong & Ryusuke Yamai (eds.), From Nirvana to Catastrophe: Matsuzawa Yutaka and his "Commune in Imaginary Space, 2017, pp. 128-148), "Cinderella and the Big Monster: Mail Art and the Museum” (in: Journal of Art History, November 2016, pp. 1-22) and "This Way Brouwn: The Archive – Present, Past and Future" (in: Gunhild Borggreen & Rune Gade (eds.), Performing Archives/Archives of Performance, Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanums Forlag, 2013, pp. 94-107).

Papers and Lectures
Peter van der Meijden has appeared in public with papers and lectures on subjects as different as the reception of Gertrude Stein by the avant-garde of the 1960s, Stanley Brouwn and the archive, the CoBrA magazine and the performative construction of CoBrA identity, Fluxus reception as a trip down the digestive tract and much more.


  • Paper "Permission to Rummage in Knud Pedersen's Pockets", Modernist Studies Association annual conference, 10-13 August 2017, Amsterdam. 
  • Peter van der Meijden (red.), Talen - 60 år med Kunstbiblioteket, 1957-2017 ("The Speech - 60 Years with the Art Library, 1957-2017"), Copenhagen: Kunstbiblioteket og Byens Billede ApS, 2017, ISBN 978-87-994146-1-1.